I is for…



And so we make the final turn and face that godforsaken climb
This double loop is not amusing—it sucked enough the first time

Lean in and use your arms! the mantra whines like a dull migraine
And, oh unmitigated joy, mile 21 arrives with rain

But wait! There’s more! My final gel has exploded in my shorts!
As Montana Huckleberry runs down my leg, I’m truly out of sorts

Even so, through the pain and angst, there’s that abiding glimmer
A glimpse of ass-blown shunshine: You can do it! You’re a winner!

And there it is–mile 23! Pick it up! No one can pass us!
I mean, come on, it’s just a 5K, the race distance for fat asses!

And now the crowd around us grows and they blast us with their cheers
We envision the finish line and, let’s face it, we envision beers

This is where it comes together, we’re on the fast side of our goals and
PRs! BQs! It’s really happening…the final mile really rolls, then…

We finish up the training run, snapped back to now and here
No finish line, PRs, or crowds…what’s more, the day is clear

But the secret thoughts of what might be are pretty fucking sweet
Because imagination in the long run is like an extra pair of feet.


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