R is for….



Remember the first time we went to the track and you weren’t sure how far it was around?
Yeah, I didn’t think so.
Remember hating me that time we ran downtown and it was 90 degrees and I wouldn’t slow down?
(Don’t think that I didn’t know.)

Remember your first 5K where you were more thrilled about all the free stuff than you were about your time?
“Hey look! Tons of expired gel!”
Remember asking if you should launder your Asics when they began to lose their shine?
I’m still laughing! LOL!

But remember that morning in April when you first finished the entire 11.2?
“But I only have one speed…slow”
Yeah, well remember how the next month you shaved a minute off your 5K, and then shaved two?
Oh, for fuck’s sake, here we go…

Remember, then, how splits became interesting and even our local lame Grand Prix?
“She’s not in my age group! Yay!”
Remember how you began observing other runners closely to see what there was to see?
“How come all the guys seem gay?”

And remember how training became something real and sweet when you found out that you really could run?
No, it’s not that she’s slow….you’re fast.
Remember last August’s half mary in Cali? That trip was certainly fun!
“It sure was! I kicked your ass!”

And, remember finishing your first marathon in a 26.2 triumphant haze?
No? Oh that’s right. You will in just 8 more days.


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