Cornball Picture Alert!

So, as an addendum to the last post that had no pictures of us, here’s a gem from the finish line:

Canyon City Pic!

It wasn’t enough to pose with our gargantuan medals in front of the fake mountain backdrop. We had to hold up major bright orange placards announcing BQ! and PR! I really can’t imagine why non-runners find runners to be obnoxious.

Anyway, I don’t care. I looooove this picture. There’s a picture of Cheryl crossing the finish, but she’s looking at her watch. There’s another of me at the finish, but all you can see are my hands waving behind some fat guy. There’s another picture of me around 22 where, as usual in race photos, I look like I’m about ready to either burst into tears or go insane. Good times.

As a side note, about 20 minutes after this picture was taken, Cheryl nearly passed out and ended up in the medical tent for 30 minutes. (After a bunch of Pedialyte and a Miller Lite, she was fine.) But as always, she looks freshly pressed and sparkly here. On the other hand, I have mascara (yes, I wear it in a race. DON’T JUDGE ME.) streaming from my eyes and the typical explosion of Espresso Love gel on my white shirt.



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