Let’s Talk About the BATHROOM BILL!

I was going to jot down a few delightful thoughts about the ever-important Bathroom Bill, but realized that the following discourse lifted directly from The Facebooks is truly better than anything I could come up with. The original post was from me as a response to a news story on the WSMV page about Tennessee lawmakers actually considering the bill here in Tennessee. *SIGH*

This is the only time I’ve ever joined in a FB Rednecks vs. Normal People Donnybrook, and even though it was so hilarious that I’m still in tears, it may be the last time. Living in Nashville (overall, a generally liberal and Democratic city), I sometimes forget that hordes of super-spiteful, fearful, “Christian,” uneducated, blunt-brained yahoos are lurking all the time. Generally, they’re not annoying unless they hear about something having to do with sex, welfare, or guns. Then they get mega-inflamed for reasons even they can’t quite understand. Typically, when it has to do with gay sex, the male yahoos become excessively excitable.

Anyway, the Religious Right has come up with some doozies in their day, but this one may well take the cake. If the rest of the world wasn’t already laughing at us because of Trump, they will totes be seriously LOL-ing at us now.

So here we go….!

Me: Obviously, the use of bathrooms by transgender people is not, and never has been, a problem. This moronic bill is simply a mini temper tantrum by the small-brained, fearful, confused segment of Americans who continue to view the concept of equality as a threat to their little, unimportant lives.

Some Dumbass: It has already been reported that perverts are dressing as transgenders and committing heinous acts…I guess its unimportant to you if you have no children. They are sick and attack little girls is bathrooms!!!!

A Cool Chick with Pink Hair: More GOP politicians have been arrested for sexual misconduct in the U.S. than transgenders. Has a transgender person EVER been arrested for bothering someone in a fucking bathroom? Jesus, people.

Some random dude to Dumbass: Can you cite sources, or do you get all your “reported” info on a FB meme?

Me: I’m sorry to have to bludgeon [Dumbass] with logic, but a pedophile disguised as a woman is not the same thing as a transgender person.

An elderly woman whose last name is “Cox” (lolz): Tanya you are absolutely correct, but who is going to police the bathrooms to make sure only for real transgenders enter, and not just pedophiles in skirts.

Me: I have no idea. And, gosh darn it, what if the pedophile lies? I suggest 24-hour lie detector testing coupled with x-ray technology at ALL bathroom facilities throughout the South.

Pink hair chick: “It’s already been reported” may as well be a neon sign that reads “I haven’t bothered to research the topic for myself but I want to sound like an authority on an issue.” Seriously.

Somebody’s response to “Cox”: good grief! Who is policing the restrooms NOW to guard against pedophiles? Or the playgrounds. Or the mall. Or the wherever? Talk about a red herring! You want to protect your children, then accompany them! Who is going to be checking gender at the bathroom door? Look, perverts will find their way to do what they want. This has nothing to do with perverts. This is simply to discriminate.

A fatass from Dickson: There was a man dressed as Woman arrested for spying in Mall Bathrooms. I seen it on the news. We need a law to keep them out weather or not the gays like it.

A groovy dude with an awesome beard: If pedophiles want to get into the bathroom of the opposite sex, what’s stopping them now? It’s certainly not because they couldn’t put on a dress at any time and sneak into the ladies restroom. This bill has nothing to do with that, it’s just a distraction from the discrimination and ignorance certain lawmakers are trying to spread.

A frowning chick named “Don”: Another giant step backwards for the State of Tennessee! They will be making fun of us again on the late night talk shows and Comedy Central. On the good side, it will provide thousands of jobs as every establishment with public restrooms will have to hire at least two full time bathroom monitors to guard the doors and check birth certificates.

Someone who apparently cannot read or write: accept right now it not even illegal for a woman. To uses a men’s bathroom vise versi

A tool from Shelbyville with a profile picture of Cruz and the Confederate flag: Hey libtards…you could just keep it the way it’s always been and let science, biology, common sense, and logic all prevail…..if you were born with a male sex organ, use the man’s bathroom. If you were born with a female sex organ, use the woman’s bathroom. Now, how hard is that? Probly to hard for all you Obama lovers.

Bonehead from Orlinda: Birth certificates are on file in the school office. They need to check them if someone thinks a boy is in a dress.

Frowning Don: So you want a young transgendered child to use the facility that matches his/her genitalia? Wouldn’t sending your eight year old son who identifies as a female into the men’s restroom be as potentially damaging as sending your eight year old daughter into the men’s room?

Me: And let’s not forget that we’re talking about less than one percent of the population. A one percent that, I would imagine, goes out of its way to be considerate, discreet, and not draw attention. This sudden apoplectic panic attack of the nut-job fringe is pathetically laughable.

Another high school-educated wingnut from Dickson: Tanya you really are an idiot.

Me: Thanks!

The Cruz supporter : Tanya, exactly my point! Why are we so willing to pander to a fraction of a percent of the population and telling the other 99%+ to get over it? If it’s such a big deal, then they can push for a transgender bathroom separate from male and female bathrooms, but don’t you dare expect me to subject my children to these sick people who can easily abuse the privilege.

Pink hair’s response to Cruz dude: The answer for you is to accompany your children everywhere to protect them from all the dangers you think this creates. It’s not a matter of what percentage of the population this concerns. Statistically, following your reasoning, a child has a far, far greater chance of being abused by someone who is not transgendered. Protect against that higher risk. This is not pandering (look up the definition, please). This is acknowledging. And just how much out of your pocket are you willing to pay to retro-fit all the buildings?

Has 50 Selfies of herself making ‘come hither’ faces in her car: You people who thinks its okay to have men in girls locker rooms are retarded. Heres facts. Women are objecting to men…strangers…men…professing to feel like a woman ~ now freely entering a womans restroom. And it isnt just about protecting children. To see a man coming out of a stall in a womens restroom and stand there washing his hands next to me makes me want to vomit. And I’ll have a gun with me!

Angry Don to Selfie Woman: a person with dozens of “selfies” should not call people names. Are you even acquainted with any transgendered individuals? And make sure your gun isn’t in the wrong position in your pocket in NC when you’re in the bathroom, or you might get arrested.

Someone I’m going to refer to as Utter Lunatic Man: I just choose to use the correct toilet. No…on the other hand, I believe I’ll get in touch with my feminine side this weekend….maybe some of you girls could help me pick out a good restroom to follow you into…huh?? Tanya or …maybe [pink hair chick]? I’ll just put on a dress and pretend I’m a girl like a trans sicko.

A scowling chick posting from Seattle, FFS: How about a locker room instead? That would be even more exciting…These liberals are nuts!!

Utter Lunatic Man: I can’t believe this rediculous nonsense and these sinners has infiltrated my home state…so disappointed😦😦😦 But I will pray for them.

Seattle Scowler: They won’t stop until they take over the world Its Modern day Sodam and Gomorrah my friend (frown emoticon)

Utter Lunatic Man: Its worse. At least the men of Sodom knew where to use the restroom at.
This just goes beyond all ethics and God is watching. These people need to Fork out the dough for businesses and wherever to build them a special bathroom for their special little selves. But no and they want Force themselves into the wrong bathroom where normal people are trying to do their thing.
I predict you’ll see a lot of people laying unconscious outside the bathroom. Some son, father, or brother has done went in there and knocked them sillier than they already are.
Not to mention what’s going to happen when women started busting up into the men’s restroom. You come in here and you get slammed.

Me: And there we have it, folks! With the above post, we have come full circle to vibrantly elucidating my original post. Thanks for playing!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About the BATHROOM BILL!

  1. And, that is why I am happy not to be on facebook!

    I’m simultaneously completely entertained and utterly horrified. That’s a weird place to be, but very common with all these days. Ugh.

  2. Yeah, I typically don’t click on news story comments when I know the topic is going to draw out all the crazies, but this one was just too idiotic to resist.

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